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Tax Deed Sales

Tax Deeds are sold in almost every State. In the States that sell tax lien certificates, they can sell the deeds as an option, or they can sell the deeds that they have acquired from the thousands of tax lien certificates that remain unsold each year.

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1/4 acre 
Bought for $67
Sold online for $1250

Golf Course frontage over 1/2 acre
 Bought for $134
FOR SALE $12,000

8,000 Square feet
Bought for $67
Sold online for $1450

Almost 1 acre with river frontage
Bought for $120
FOR SALE $15,000

At tax deed sales, you are bidding for the property, and the bargains are unbelievable. The above is just a few examples.

You only need to visit one of the larger online auctions, to wonder how they can sell property so cheap

Just where do you think they find this property so cheap, that they can sell way below the assessed value in many cases?   TAX DEED SALES

You would also be surprised to know that many of the sellers have never seen the property, or even stepped a foot into the State.

Some popular places to get tax deeds for property to sell at these type of online auctions that I have noticed are:

Arizona - Sunsites

Arkansas - Cherokee Village - Fairfield Bay - Hot Springs

California - Apple Valley  - California City - California Valley - Clear Lake - Desert Hot Springs - Lake Elsinore - Klamath - Salton Sea - Tehachapi

Florida - Lehigh Acres, 

Hawaii - Puna District

Oregon - acreage

Montana  - acreage

Nevada - Elko - Pyramid Lake

New Mexico - Deming Ranchetts, Sunshine Valley Ranchetts

Utah - Box Elder, Beryl

Wyoming - acreage

These are just examples of some of the cheaper properties, but they are sold in all different price ranges. You will find houses, commercial property, farms, ranches and you name it, and in all different price ranges.

This is a good way to get some extra money, or if you get serious, you can make some serious money.

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